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Andrea Molino
Molino conducting the premiere of Requiem by Maderna

Andrea Molino

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Andrea Molino's work as a conductor is virtuosic, full of energy and vitality. His programming is exciting and highly original.



Andrea Molino is known as both a composer and conductor.


He was born in Turin and studied in Turin, Milan, Venice, Paris and Freiburg. He lives in Zurich. From 1996 to 2007 he was Musical Director of the Pocket Opera Company in Nuremberg. His own projects the smiling carcass (1999), on advertising and Those Who Speak in a Faint Voice (2001), about the death penalty (both in collaboration with Oliviero Toscani), are examples of his commitment to innovative, multimedia-oriented music theatre. He conducted the death penalty project in Basel and Nuremberg with the Phoenix Ensemble Basel and in New York and Milan with the Klangforum Wien.



Andrea Molino conducts Il turco in Italia, Opera Australia, Sydney Opera House, 2014


It is musically superb. The Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra under the wickedly delightful and exuberant conducting of maestro Andrea Molino is in fine form and the singing is superb. Emma Matthews as Fiorilla sings divinely, is a fantastic comic actress, and has us enthralled from her first appearance singing of the joy of love.


Lynne Lancaster, Sydney Arts Guide, 2.2.2014


The Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra carry it all off with aplomb in the experienced and enthusiastic hands of Italian conductor Andrea Molino. A production to cherish, then, and by the end even an old Turco sceptic like me was cheering and stamping along with the rest.


Clive Paget, Limelight, 23.1.2014


Simon Phillips promised his new production of  The Turk in Italy would offer about as much fun as you can have in an opera house. The good news: he's delivered. Conductor Andrea Molino and the orchestra's brisk, rhythmically alert accompaniments complement the production's lightness of touch.


Murray Black, The Australian, 24.01.2014


Director Simon Phillips has directed his sublime cast of principals to a place of such effortless confidence and awareness that seemingly no challenge became too great and no risk whatsoever unworthy of bold pursuit. Conductor Andrea Molino keeps the peerless Opera and Ballet orchestra completely in synch with the energy and the passion on stage. Though a seemingly unlikely candidate, this is an opera ready to delight and inspire.


David Allen, Aussie Theatre, 23.1.2014


Andrea Molino, who conducted this as he did Masked Ball last year without a score, is a real live wire.


Stumbling on Melons, 14.02.2014


The visual feast is underpinned by the presence of the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra conducted lovingly by the fine-fingered, balletic hands of Andrea Molino.


Lloyd Bradford Syke, Crikey, 23.1.2014


Conductor Andrea Molino also gets the best out of the always reliable AOBO and Rossini's runaway score is bright and sharp in their hands.


Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise, 23.1.2014


Despite all the hectic comedic business, the singing is never compromised, and conductor Andrea Molino made sure it was beautifully supported by the excellent Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra


Bill Stephens, Canberra Critics Circle, 7.2.2014


Conductor Andrea Molino's Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra is masterfully handled.


Grant Jones, The Telegraph, 23.1.2014



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Andrea Molino conducts his own opera - qui non c’è perché -


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