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Eric Fraad is known on both sides of the Atlantic as a highly imaginative, provocative opera and theatre director. Dynamic creativity, thrilling new perspectives, alongside meticulously researched knowledge of his subject characterise his productions.



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A native of New York City, Eric Fraad is known on both sides of the Atlantic as a director of opera and theatre. His signature is the creation of a body of original works  based on classical texts and subjects that defy formal definitions and create a new synthesis between opera, music, drama and dance. He is also recognized as an innovative artistic director, producer and cultural entrepreneur having founded and led ground-breaking arts organizations in Europe and America.



SHIPWRECKED (eX Production, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin)


“…something akin to perfection”

Jens F. Laurson, Playbill Arts, Oct 2009

“....first-class music-making”

Michael Dervan, Irish Times, Oct 2009



SHIPWRECKED (eX Production, Belfast Festival, Belfast)


“The Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen's audience went wild at the finish and wouldn't stop clapping and cheering until the last song was performed all over again, with added improvisation...”

Angeline/Remco Adams/van Straten, Culture Northern Ireland Review, Oct 2011




CHRIST LAG IN TODESBANDEN (eX Production, Tage Alter Musik Regensburg, Germany)


"Eric Fraad, [... ...] who is esteemed for both his fertile imagination and provocative works as well as for his scrupulous research on a given subject, dynamic creativity and surprising new perspectives."

“…a brilliant transformation in „Sound and Image“.”

Robert Strobl, Tocatta, June 2011



POSSESSED (eX Production, Irish Tour, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin)


“Ensemble eX’s Possessed was a tour de force - instrumental and vocal brilliance combined with dance and theatre to extra-ordinary effect.”


The Works, RTÉ TV, June 2012



Heresy Records Discography

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Possessed by eX Ensemble

Heresy 0012

Internationally acclaimed early music ensemble eX presents Possessed, a musical journey through the mysterious world of possession. Featuring medieval, renaissance, baroque and traditional music, Possessed explores Christian ecstatic trance as experienced by Hildegaard von Bingen, Teresa of Avila and Joan of Arc, demonic possession of the Salem witches, initiation rites of the Afro-Brazilian Condomblé and a musical exorcism performed to the wild rhythms of the Tarantella.

"Not for the pure of heart. eX's Possessed is a tour de force of instrumental and vocal brilliance..."

Laurence Vittes, Huffington Post

"The music was of the highest international standard with beautiful singing and most infectious instrumental playing...early music of this sort has such a strong immediate appeal and eX is the only Irish-based group to present it - and to such a very high standard."

Tim Thurston, Lyric fm

"The singing and instrumental playing are very fine and the whole of Possessed has a certain infectiously endearing quality"


"Excitingly different!"



Various Artists

On the nature
On the Nature of Electricity and Acoustics

Heresy 010


An anthology of electroacoustic music from Ireland.



'Irish electro-acoustic music has developed from the academic pursuit of pointy/beardy types into something that lives, breathes and makes sense. These are clever, cogent dispatches from the fringes'

Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times


'a wide-ranging and intelligent overview of outsider electronic music in Ireland'

Ian Maleney, The Quietus


'Album of the Month'

The Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland


'This album is a wake-up call for the sense...An exciting instrumental music project that combines experimental coolness with lovely Irish folk harmonies.'

Winifried Dulisch, AUDIO magazine




The Lost DiscsDublin Drag Orchestra

The Lost Discs:

Christmas 1912/

One Minute to Midnight, New Year's Eve 1912

Heresy 008/009


Available as limited edition 7" vinyl, or digital download


'Musical standards are high, their programming ingenious and their photos are terrific'

Warwick Thompson, Metro London

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