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Eric Fraad is known on both sides of the Atlantic as a highly imaginative, provocative opera and theatre director. Dynamic creativity, thrilling new perspectives, alongside meticulously researched knowledge of his subject characterise his productions.



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A native of New York City, Eric Fraad is known on both sides of the Atlantic as a director of opera and theatre. His signature is the creation of a body of original works  based on classical texts and subjects that defy formal definitions and create a new synthesis between opera, music, drama anddance. He is also recognized as an innovative artistic director, producer and cultural entrepreneur having founded and led ground-breaking arts organizations in Europe and America.


Mr. Fraad is the founder and CEO of Heresy Records, an innovative record label that specializes in early music, traditional and world music, contemporary music and experimental crossovers between classical and popular genres. Heresy is distributed and promoted around the world by the Naxos Group of Companies. In 2013 he co-founded the company META with celebrated Irish composer Roger Doyle. META’s first production was The Death By Fire Of Giordano Bruno a new opera by Doyle that Mr. Fraad produced and directed at the Kilkenny Arts Festival, Mermaid Theatre and Dublin Theatre Festival.



SHIPWRECKED (eX Production, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin)


“…something akin to perfection”

Jens F. Laurson, Playbill Arts, Oct 2009

“....first-class music-making”

Michael Dervan, Irish Times, Oct 2009



SHIPWRECKED (eX Production, Belfast Festival, Belfast)


“The Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen's audience went wild at the finish and wouldn't stop clapping and cheering until the last song was performed all over again, with added improvisation...”

Angeline/Remco Adams/van Straten, Culture Northern Ireland Review, Oct 2011



CHRIST LAG IN TODESBANDEN (eX Production, Tage Alter Musik Regensburg, Germany)


"Eric Fraad, [... ...] who is esteemed for both his fertile imagination and provocative works as well as for his scrupulous research on a given subject, dynamic creativity and surprising new perspectives."

“…a brilliant transformation in „Sound and Image“.”

Robert Strobl, Tocatta, June 2011



POSSESSED (eX Production, Irish Tour, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin)


“Ensemble eX’s Possessed was a tour de force - instrumental and vocal brilliance combined with dance and theatre to extra-ordinary effect.”


The Works, RTÉ TV, June 2012



Heresy Records Discography

visit www.heresyrecords.com


The Transcendentalist by Ivan Ilic


Heresy 0015

THE TRANSCENDENTALIST is Serbian American pianist, Ivan Ilic's first album for Heresy Records. Featuring works by Alexander Scriabin, John Cage, Morton Feldman and the young American composer Scott Wollschleger, the pieces on the album demonstrate the influence Scriabin’s music had on American avant-garde piano music.  The album also reveals the connections between these composers and Transcendentalism, America’s first important philosophical movement.



Sleepsongs by Caitríona O'Leary and Dúlra

Heresy 0016

SLEEPSONGS is an album of Suantraí – ancient Irish lullabies and songs on the theme of sleep. Suantraí along with Geantraí (songs of joy and happiness) and Goltraí (laments) comprise the three strands of traditional song in Irish mythology. This album completes Caitríona O’Leary & Dúlra’s trilogy of albums based on this repertory. I am Stretched on Your Grave, an album of Irish laments (Goltraí), was released in 2001 by BMG Deutsche Harmonia Mundi and Ecstasy, an album of Irish songs of Joy and rapture (Geantraí), which was released in 2012 by Heresy/Naxos.


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